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In a perfect world, a child's only worry should be whether to play before or after lunch. But you know there are children who have less than some of us did when we were growing up. 

Thanks to Tigo and Reach for Change, if you have a great idea that can make life easier for deprived children then you could win US$25, 000 a year for 3 years plus mentorship. 
Do you have an Idea that will change the lIves of Ghanaian children?
Applications end on 6th August, 2013.
Call 4545 for further information.


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This are my major points: 1. Nurture the whole child or children. 2.Emphasize positive approaches. 3.Early and Sustained attention and investment. 4.Empower children. 5.Influence of environment. (children shape their culture,just as they are shaped by it.) 6.Mutual accountability( involves each person in raising a child) 7.A material well-being. 8.Health and Safety. 9.Education. 10.Behaviour. 11.Housing. Yours sincerely David Boateng

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