Subscriber Terms & Conditions


  1. What follows describes how your legal rights may be affected when you subscribe to a Tigo service.

Our Agreement with You

  1. We only have an agreement with you if you are 18 years or older. Our agreement with you starts when you do one of various things including activating or using Tigo’s Service. If you do not want to accept an agreement with us, then please keep the box sealed, return the device promptly, within thirty days and do not start using any service.

  2. You agree to give us a chance to fix your issue before we start a dispute resolution process. Dispute resolution will be by the Alternative Dispute Resolution process specified in Act 798 of 2010. We will deal with you as an individual and not as part of a group in any dispute. We will only reckon the time your service is active.

  3. Our policies might change, without notice, so you have the right to cancel any agreement without charge where there is a significant unexpected change.

Your Device

  1. When you allow someone else to use your device you will be responsible for whatever charges or changes this brings. These changes include additions, deletions and having access to your information. You are responsible for any cost that you may incur as a result of changes made to your device. You will promptly notify us of your lost device to enable us suspend your service otherwise you will remain responsible for all charges.

  2. Our devices may not work on other networks. If you bring your own device unto our network it may not function as expected and there may be situations where we will have to block or erase content on some devices for safety or security reasons.

Our Services and Billing

  1. You agree to Tigo's billing methods. If you use features which allows you to call more than one person or send more than one message at a time, you may be billed for the number of calls made or the number of messages sent. You may also be required to pay additional charges for the use of certain features and services.

  2. You may be charged by Tigo for products and services purchased from others through your device. You may contact customer care to disable such purchases.

  3. If you do not have a data plan on your device, whenever you access data, you will be charged at a special rate.

  4. You are solely responsible for your use of any Wi-Fi network.

  5. When you roam with your Tigo line,on other networks outside Ghana, you will be charged at the rates that apply on those networks.

  6. You may be charged for late payment of bills and the cost of using collecting Agencies to collect your bills.

  7. You may be required to make a deposit that would offset any amount you owe us.

  8. If you do not use your service within a required period of time, your Tigo number may be re-assigned to another customer. You will not receive a refund or compensation for not using your account balance.

Customer Communication

  1. You agree to be contacted by Tigo by any means of communication provided by you and you cannot revoke this consent except in writing.

  2. You may contact us by calling our Customer Service centre or our office at Barnes Road.

Prohibited Use

  1. You agree not to use your service or device for unlawful purposes or purposes that could be harmful to our network. We may terminate your service without notice under certain circumstances created by you.

Data Protection Act, 2012 (Act 843)

  1. You agree that Tigo may use data that you have provided as a subscriber to the Tigo network.


  1. Your device may have a manufacturer's warranty. Tigo does not provide any additional warranties in relation to your device or Tigo's services.

Damages and Indemnity

  1. Neither you nor Tigo can make a claim against the other that is not the result of a direct or actual injury. A Claim will not be entertained if it is made two years after the date the events giving rise to the claim took place.

  2. You agree that we will not be held responsible for any matter that will resultfrom your breach of your agreement with us or an unlawful use of your device or the Tigo service.