This service offers you a range of voice content services spread over various categories such as astrology, religion, love, humour, health, sports, music, movies, education, and news. To activate, Dial 1001 to select your preferred service and to deactivate send STOP + KEYWORD to 1001. Cost:10Gp/daily.
This service offers Christian and Islamic doctrines upon request. The Holy Bible option contains readings from the Old and New Testament. The Quran option reads the Quran chapters to you and the Namaaz alert allows you to receive daily prayer prompts. To activate, dial 786 and follow prompts. Cost: 10 Gp
This service provides users with daily voice content bridging different categories such as news, religion, comedy, health and sports. To activate, Call 545 and follow voice prompts and to deactivate, Call 545 and follow voice prompts. Cost: 10p/daily

This educates users with African proverbs from several countries on the continent. To activate, dial 615 and follow the voice prompts and to deactivate, call 615 and follow prompts or dial *828#. Cost: 10Gp daily
This engages users in a live chat room to discuss topics like entertainment, dating, sports, etc. Users speak with each other and are managed by an appointed leader. To activate, dial 616 and follow the voice prompt and to deactivate, call 616 and follows prompts or can dial *828#. Cost: 3Gp per daily subscription and 5Gp/minute on each call.
This service seeks to enthrall you with laughter, mainly from Nigerian comedians. To activate, Dial 618 and follow prompts and to deactivate, call 618 and follow prompts or dial *828#. Cost: 10Gp