Tigo Big 6

Tigo Big 6 offers the following:

  •         200% Bonus on Voucher & E-pin Top-ups
  •         300% on Tigo-Cash Top-ups
  •         300% Bonus on all Weekly and Monthly Internet Packages + Roll-over
  •         Free 100MB for 7days
  •          Free Tigo Number 1 for first 30days
  •          Free Deezer for 15days
  • Top-Ups:  One can get 200% Bonus on Voucher & E-pin Top-ups and 300% on Tigo-Cash Top-ups.   Bonus can be used to make calls and SMS to all networks and selected International countries like China, USA, Canada and UK fixed. Bonus cannot be used to buy new Packages and Bundles. Finally, Bonus is valid for 7days, however, is rolled-over (added to the new bonus) upon recharging before expiry and is valid for another 7 days.
  • Browse the internet: We give you bonuses (300% value) on weekly and monthly packages purchased on *500#. Unused internet volumes are rolled over upon renewal or purchase of same package before expiry and it’s valid as per the validity of the newly purchased package.
  • Free 100MB for 7days: Once you buy or port to Tigo,  you get free 100MB automatically after SIM activation.
  • Tigo Number 1: New Customer gets free Tigo to Tigo calls to one number of choice (Favorite Number) for 30 days from the date of activation. All you need is to add a number of choice and start enjoying free calls to that favorite number. Customers can only enjoy Free 60 minutes to the favorite in a day for 30days from the date of activation. Also one cannot change his/her favorite number within the 30 days promo.
  • Free Deezer: Customer can download Deezer app from App store (iOS) or Google Play Store. This gives you 15-day trial period, after which customer will be required to buy a Deezer package to access all premium features of Deezer. With Deezer, Customers can sync music to Deezer library which is embedded in your phone and listen to songs even when you are offline. However, music cannot be shared, it will stay in Deezer library until package expires. Once package is re-activated synced can be accessed again.

ON-NET CALL PER MIN0.1140.240.108
EX-NET CALL PER MIN0.1620.3240.108
ON-NET SMS0.080.080.08
X-NET SMS0.080.080.08
GPRS / MB0.20.30.2
IDD* PER MIN0.180.30.186