About Tigo Business


“Our vision is to build Tigo Business as the preferred digital work style partner for growing enterprises, enabling your business to be as efficient as possible with our range of integrated solutions while guiding you to achieve maximum productivity.”                                                           

The core objective of Tigo Business is to provide innovate solutions for your business that boost efficiency, increase margins while controlling cost and empower you to consolidate your position in the market.

We at Tigo Business are as committed to providing tailored cutting-edge solutions to established multinationals and large corporations, as we are to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). As such we deliver on our promise to offer ‘A solution for every company’ by identifying with the specific needs of your business, no matter the type, and adapting to service these needs with relevant solutions.

Our solutions portfolio serving Small, Medium, Large and Public Sector businesses is categorized under four broad headers:

Voice Solutions
Connectivity Solutions
Advanced Services
Cloud Services