Interconnect all your company systems across different geographical locations with a dedicated private internet link for your company allowing the secure transmission of information. Dedicated internet can be scaled to your business requirements and with no volume limit you ultimately decide the speed you need and pay for just that.



  • Enjoy ultra-fast duplex connections for your business to transfer large files and share information faster. Improving transaction completion rates with customers and suppliers.
  • Generate greater performance from your business systems and applications.
  • Enjoy higher productivity with an uncapped data volume and public IPs available on request 
  • Flexible, affordable and tiered pricing options to adapt to changes in your internet usage requirements.
  • Excellent support and aftersales service through a dedicated account management centre.


  • Connectivity service designed for business and running on a dedicated and converged IP/MPLS network.
  • Enterprise-grade internet access which can be provided on either Main One / BICS or both.
  • High connectivity speeds served from bandwidth capacities from 256kbps and scalable to various STM
  • Flexibility to define capacity based on prioritization of key applications and network traffic.


Explore how our Co-Location Service will improve productivity for your business.


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