Fixed Telephony Service

E1 Telephony

This E1 telephony solution is best suited for companies that handle large volume of calls both intra and inter branches as well as interfacing externally with customers all through a robust telephone exchange system. With this service you can have 30 digital channels and 100 telephone numbers and easily manage all incoming calls with no ‘busy’ tone response 



  • Enjoy direct cost savings benefits from an easy to manage telephone system.
  • Differentiation of incoming calls, your telephone switch will always be up and available.
  • Enjoy flexibility in selecting plans that best fit your company.
  • No surcharges, pay for only what you consume.



  • Receive and manage up to 30 calls simultaneously.
  • Assign up to 100 direct numbers (DID).
  • Plans come with per second pricing.
  • Caller ID, Call Forward, tripartite call and call waiting.

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