Learning and Development

Our organization demands more from us every day – our people must be ready at all times to handle new challenges.  We look beyond the latitude of your initial position with us, and create opportunities for you to develop your potential.  You will be in-charge of your career aspirations and achievement, and must be a strong team player in our digital lifestyle offers to our customers. At Tigo Ghana, training happens not only in the classroom, but through on-the-job, blended learning, performance appraisal, mentoring, short-term internal transfers and many other opportunities. 

Individual Development Plan

Join us, and together with your Line Manager prepare an individual development plan and agree on probation deliverables. Together, you’ll review this throughout the year to identify any skills you need to improve or develop. Learning and Development Core Principles are as follows:

  • At Tigo Ghana we deliver Learning and Development experiences that really matter to our people and our business.
  • Equality of opportunity and commitment to the learning and development of all employees.
  • Ensuring that all employees have the knowledge, skills and abilities required for their position/assignment.
  • Individuals, Line managers and learning and development team are jointly responsible for identifying and addressing training needs.
  • We train based on needs, identified in company, department and individuals.
  • Management of the performance evaluation cycle in the organization.

 We look over the company’s training resources and manage it effectively to ensure that both funding and activity time are utilized appropriately for maximum benefit to both the Company and the individual.