Income Protection Policy


Tigo Income Protection Policy supports you when you can no longer work due to serious accident or illness. You earn up to GHC 4000 as a lump sum in the event of permanent disability or selected critical illnesses, as well as hospitalization cover of GHC 60 per night of admission. You are charged only 30Gp per day over 24 days.

Registration is FREE. Just dial *550# for self-registration or call 550 for further details. 



  • Register your details at a Customer Service Centre or with a Tigo BIMA Agent.
  • You will receive a welcome SMS confirming your Tigo Income Protection Policy.
  • Payment is made through daily deduction from your airtime wallet.
  • If you should suffer one of the covered events, call the customer support line on 550. A friendly agent will help process your claim.
  • Your insurance cover will be paid to you in cash promptly after you submit the complete documents.

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