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Facebook Flex

Facebook Flex

1 How is Facebook Flex different from regular Facebook?

This version of Facebook allows people to flexibly move between two modes
Free mode and data mode.
Free mode is a lightweight version of Facebook where you can post, comment, like, and chat for free. To view photos or videos, switch to data mode (full Facebook) by clicking the “View Photos” button.

You will be charged for data in this mode.
Go back to free mode any time by clicking the “Go to Free” button.

2 How can I view the full Facebook experience?

You can view the full Facebook experience with photos and videos by
Clicking on “View Photos” button, which switches you to data mode.
Keep in mind that standard data charges will apply.

You can go back to free mode anytime by clicking the “Go to Free” button.

3 How do I opt out of using Facebook Flex?

On the initial screen that invites you to participate, simply click “No Thanks” instead of “Continue.”

4 What if I initially clicked “No Thanks” to Facebook Flex but now I want to use it?

If you’re using the Facebook Android app, visit your bookmarks within the Facebook app and
click “Facebook Flex” under Favorites. If using, go to your Facebook menu
and click “Facebook Flex” under Favorites. (See “Facebook Flex Opt-In/Opt-Out” screens in
row two.)

5 What if I started using Facebook Flex but now I don’t want to use it anymore?

To opt--‐out of Facebook Flex: When in data mode, click on the “?” next to “You’re in Data Mode.”

(See “Facebook Flex Opt-In/Opt-Out” screens in row one.)

You can also visit your Facebook bookmarks (if using the Facebook Android app) or Facebook menu (if
Using to opt--‐out.

6 Who is eligible to use Facebook Flex?

The product will allow all Tigo subscribers (Except Tribe users) enjoy Facebook for free. This Facebook experience will however be limited to text only. Subscribers who wish to view photo and video posts will be charged from their core balances or packages/bonuses.

7 Who is eligible to use Facebook Flex?

The product will allow all Tigo subscribers (Except Tribe users) enjoy Facebook for free. This Facebook experience will however be limited to text only. Subscribers who wish to view photo and video posts will be charged from their core balances or packages/bonuses.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour

1 What is the Tigo Happy Hour?

It’s an offer that gives subscribers one hour to enjoy free on-net calls or discounted local calls.
Offer 1 – Subs get free Tigo to Tigo calls from 3pm to 4pm
Offer 2 – subs get 50% discount on Tigo to Tigo calls and 20% discount on calls to other networks from 3pm to 4pm

2 How do subs get to enjoy Free or Discounted calls?

Tigo gives Free or Discount on calls from 3pm – 4pm depending on your location

3 Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer is available to prepaid customers in selected locations. List of locations attached

4 Can subs enjoy both Free and Discounted calls?

No. Subs who qualify can only enjoy one offer.

5 How do subs know they qualify to enjoy offer?

Subs will hear IVR prompts when you make calls – informing them on the offer and the time of the offer.

6 Do Subs need to activate or subscribe?

No. Subs are automatically on the offer.

7 What is the validity of the offer?

Offer is only available from 3pm – 4pm each day, each day for 30days starting 30th June, 2016

8 What happens when customer makes calls before 3pm?

Calls are charged at normal rates as per the price plan the customer is on until 3pm.

9 What happens when customer makes calls after 4pm?

Calls are no longer free or discounted. Subs will be charged at normal rates as per the price plan the customer is on.

10 Do subs get to enjoy free or discounted data browsing during same period?

No. free or discounted charges only applies to local calls. All others charges like Data, SMS and IDD charges remain same during this period.

11 For how long is the promo valid

Promo will be available for 30days starting 30th June, 2016 until communicated otherwise.

International Buy Airtime

International Buy Airtime

1 If I am roaming on the Tigo network can I still use this service?

Yes, you can. If you are roaming and there is the need for you to top up/ buy airtime for the other international networks, this service helps address that need.

2 Can I buy for my friend abroad whilst I am here in Ghana?

Yes, you can

3 How do I access this service?

Please dial *501*2# and select “International Top up”

4 What is International Buy Airtime/International Top up about?

This is a unique service which allows you to buy airtime for yourself or anyone in Ghana or abroad on any network in over 100 countries

5 Are there extra charges applied for using this service?

No. This service comes with NO EXTRA COST. You only pay for the exact amount of airtime you intend buying.

6 Do I have to visit an agent or Tigo Store before I can use this service?

No. There is no need to. You can access this service yourself by dialing *501*2# on your phone.

7 Can I buy any amount of airtime irrespective of the country/network?

The airtime amount varies per country/network based on the rules set by the network/country.

8 Does any of your competitors have this same service?

No. We are the first and only Telco to launch this unique service in the market

9 Is this service restricted to only Tigo Cash?

Yes. You must be a registered Tigo Cash Customer to be able to use the service.

10 How do I register for Tigo Cash to enable me use this service?

You can register for Tigo Cash yourself by dialing *110#



1 What is Kokrokoo offer?

It is an offer that gives customers free 10 on-net minutes, 30 SMS and 30 MB to use within the hours of 6am to 8am every day.

2 Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer is available to all prepaid customers.

3 Does the customer need to subscribe to enjoy?

No. customers do not need to subscribe for this offer.

4 Does a customer need some amount of credit to enjoy this offer?

No. customers automatically enjoy this offer every day between 6am to 8am with or without credit.

5 What is the validity of the offer?

The offer is valid for 2 hours (6am to 8am).

6 Does a customer enjoy the offer every day?

Yes. Customer will enjoy the offer every day during the promo period.

7 What happens if a customer makes a call or sends an SMS before 6am?

Calls, SMS and Data will be deducted from the core wallet or bonus wallet.

8 What happens if a customer makes a call or send an SMS after 8am?

Calls and SMS will be deducted from the core wallet or bonus wallet.

9 Can this offer be rolled over?

No. unused minutes, SMS and Data would be cleared off after 8am.

10 What happens if the offer is consumed before 8am?

Customer will be charged from the core wallet or bonus wallet.

11 Can a customer use free 30MB for all kinds of browsing?

Yes. 30 MB can be used for all kinds of internet browsing between the hours of 6am to 8am.

12 What is the duration of the promotion?

The promotion is for 2 weeks starting 20th July 2016



1 What is “Free after 3” Offer?

“Free after 3” is a product that offers subscribers the free Tigo to Tigo calls after paying for the first three minutes of each call.

2 How long do I enjoy the free Tigo Calls?

Each subscriber has 27 minutes free on each session of a Tigo to Tigo Call

3 Can I enjoy this offer on all calls I make?

No, this offer is only applicable to Tigo to Tigo calls, however, a subscriber on this product can enjoy the free calls for an unlimited number of times in a day

4 How do I subscribe to this offer?

Subscribers can enjoy this product by sending ‘YES’ to the code 5020 or simply dialing *555*1# and selecting option 3 for ‘Free After 3’ offer

5 Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer is only open to subscribers located in the Western and Eastern Regions of Ghana.

6 Will I be charged when I subscribe?

No, subscription is to this offer is free

7 How long will I enjoy this offer?

As long as you remain on this tariff plan you will enjoy the benefits

8 When can I unsubscribe?

Subscribers can unsubscribe after 7 days of subscribing to this plan

9 What can I use my bonus for?

Tigo cash reload bonuses can be used for on-net & x-net calls, SMS, PAYG data browsing & IDD Calls (USA and CANADA only)

10 How do I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe, dial *555*1 and select new plan of your choice

11 What happens to my accumulated bonuses when I subscribe to this plan?

A subscriber will lose all accumulated bonuses after subscribing to this plan

12 How many times can I enjoy the free calls in a day?

Free calls can be enjoyed every time a subscriber on this product makes a Tigo to Tigo call and exceeds 3 minutes.

Tigo Cash Cardless ATM Service

Tigo Cash Cardless ATM Service

1 How long does the token last?

24 hours. Coupon expires after 24 hours. Customer needs to generate another token to withdraw cash.

2 How much do I pay for this service?

Customer pays the same charge as a regular Cashout at an agent location.

3 Which Bank ATMs can I access this service?

Currently Ecobank ATMs. Additional banks will be added soon.

4 When is my wallet deducted?

Customer wallet is debited at the point of withdrawal at ATM.

5 What happens if account is debited and ATM fails to dispense cash?

Amount will be reversed to the customers wallet.

Tigo Tribe

Tigo Tribe

1 What is Tigo Tribe?

Tigo Tribe is an offer that gives prepaid customers the following;
- Free Social Media every month (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and IMO)
- Get all you use from Monday to Friday back on weekends( Saturdays and Sundays) for Tigo to Tigo calls and internet browsing
- Free 100MB for internet browsing and 100mins for Tigo to Tigo calls for 7days
- 2X Bonus on Voucher & E-pin Reloads
- 3X on Tigo-Cash Reloads
- No subscription fee

2 Who is eligible for this offer?

Offer is available for all prepaid subscribers (New, MNP and Existing)

3 How do I subscribe to this offer?

Send ‘START’ to shortcode 5060 to subscribe.

4 Will I be charged when I subscribe?

No, subscription is free.

5 When I activate a new Tigo SIM card, Do I benefit from “Tigo Tribe”

Not automatically. You will first enjoy the Tigo Big 6 Offer upon SIM activation. However, you can subscribe to the Tigo Tribe offer by sending ‘START’ to shortcode 5060

6 I have just ported my number to Tigo. Do I benefit from “Tigo Tribe”?

Not automatically. You will automatically enjoy the Tigo Big 6 Offer upon SIM activation. However, you can subscribe to the Tigo Tribe offer by sending ‘START’ to shortcode 5060

7 How long do I enjoy this offer?

So far as you remain on this offer, you will always enjoy all the benefits.

8 How long will this offer be available for subscription?

Offer will be available for first 250,000 subscribers.

9 How do I enjoy 2X Bonus on Top-ups?

All you need is to top up via vouchers or e-pins to get double the value of reload amount. You get double the value of your reload amount. E.g. a GHC10 recharge card will give you GHC20 value.

10 How do I enjoy 3X Top-up Bonus via Tigo Cash?

All you need is to top-up from your Tigo cash Wallet to get triple the value of reload amount. You get triple the value of your reload amount. E.g. a GHC10 recharge on Tigo Cash will give you GHC30 value.

11 What can I use the Top-up Bonus for?

Bonus can be used for:
- Tigo to Tigo Calls and SMS
- Tigo to Other Local Networks calls and SMS

12 Can I use my reload bonus to browse?

No, reload bonus cannot be used to browse.

13 Can I use my reload bonus to make international calls and SMS?

No, reload bonus cannot be used to make international calls and SMS.

14 Can I buy Internet Packages/Bundles with Bonus?

No. Packages and Bundles can only be bought from Main Wallet.

15 What’s the validity of the Bonus?

Bonus is valid for 7 days but can be rolled over upon recharge before expiration.

16 What happens to my unused Bonus if I recharge before expiration period?

Bonus is rolled-over, added to the new bonus and is valid for another 7 days from day of recharge.

17 What happens to my unused Bonus if I don’t recharge before expiration period?

Unused bonus expires.

18 What is the tariff plan for this offer?

Rates are as per the table below:

19 How do I enjoy the free 100MB and 100mins on-net?

Upon subscription, you automatically get free 100MB for internet browsing and 100mins for Tigo to Tigo Calls.

20 What happens to my unused internet volume if I don’t exhaust all before expiration period?

Unused volume expires. Unused Internet volume for social media cannot be rolled-over.

21 How do I continue to enjoy social media every month?

Just do a cumulative reload of GHC 2 on Tigo every month to keep enjoying free social media.

22 Which social media applications come with the product?

Subscribers on Tigo Tribe offers can use WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and IMO for free.

23 How much volume is available for social media - (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and IMO)?

Tigo Tribe gives you 1GB of free data for use on the four social media applications.

24 How do I activate the free weekend?

Just spend on Tigo from Monday to Friday and the total amount spent will be given back to you over the weekend to browse and make Tigo to Tigo calls.

25 Does my spend on Tigo include bonus wallet charges?

No, the spend will be calculated from your main wallet only.

Tigo Wo Suro a Wondi

Tigo Wo Suro a Wondi

1 How do I participate in the promo?

You do not need to register for this promo. Simply reload more on your Tigo phone to win amazing prizes.

2 Who is eligible to participate in the Promo?

All Tigo subscribers (postpaid and prepaid) can participate in this promotion

3 Can new customers and port-in subscribers also win in this Promo?

Yes! All new subscribers before or after the start date can still win in this promo. So spread the news to others to join the Promo train!

4 How do I win a Prize?

Simply buy more Tigo scratch cards and scratch the silver panel to reveal your secret PIN and the surprise prize reward.
You can also reload via Tigo cash to win a surprise rewards
- Note that all cards must be reloaded before the prize can be redeemed

5 What are the Prize Categories in this Promo?

The Wo Suro aaa, Wondi Promo has the following prize categories:
Bingo Prizes – GHC 100,000.00 each
Cash Prizes – GHC 10.00 – GHC 5,000.00
One of the Big 6 heads (for a Bingo)

General Questions

General Questions

1 How do I deactivate my daily auto renewal bundle?

To deactivate, please dial *502# to select the service and cancel

2 How do I check my remaining data?

To check your remaining data please dial *504#

3 How do I activate Internet bundle?

To activate an internet bundle, please dial *500# or call 500 or visit for internet bundle offers.

4 Where can I find an e-PIN vendor in my area?

Any Tigo customer service centre or roadside POS that sells Tigo airtime.

5 How do I (retailer) get mapped to my sub-distributer?

A request is sent to the e-pin team, ( If it is a new pre-match number then mapping can be done in any of our customer service points

6 Can Tigo SIM cards be used in other phones?

Yes, Tigo SIM cards can be used in other phones as long as those phones are not NETWORK LOCKED by the specific operator e.g. MTN.

7 How do I deactivate Text a lot?

The service can be deactivated by sending STOP to 1010 or 1012.

8 How do I activate Text a lot?

To activate send Tigo to 1010 (on-time charge 18p) and send tiGO to 1012 (charged 14p daily)

9 How do I activate Tigo Family Care Insurance?

To activate Tigo Family Care Insurance, please dial *550# or call 550 for assistance

10 How do I activate Tigo my way?

Please dial *477# to activate

11 How do I change my Call Plan?

To change your call plan, Please dial *555# and select the plan of your choice

12 How can I share my credit?

To share credit with friends please dial *123# and select option 6

13 How do I activate Tigo SOS?

To activate Tigo SOS please dial *188#

14 What are the Tigo call centre numbers?

The call centre numbers are 100 Tigo Lines & 0277551000 All other Lines

15 How do I register my sim card?

To register you sim card, Please visit the nearest Tigo store or call 100 for assistance.

16 How do I check my Tigo balance?

To check your tigo balance please dial *124# or call 100 for assistance

17 How do I recharge my Tigo account?

To recharge your account please dial *134*pin# or call 100 for assistance

18 Can Tigo SIM cards be used in other phones?

Yes! Tigo sims can be used in other phones except the phone is locked to that particular network.

19 How do I activate Tigo Free Bonto?

Tigo activate Tigo Free Bonto, please dial *555# and select option 3 for Free Bonto or call 100 for assistance

20 Will my over scratched card be replace for me by Tigo?

An over scratched or wet card with a visible serial number can be replaced. Customers would have to come over to any service centre where the card(s) will be checked and replaced.



1 How do I activate International Roaming on my mobile line?

Post Paid -
You can activate roaming by call/SMS/WhatsApp to the hotline 0577555000 for activation details

Prepaid and Hybrid -
You can activate International Roaming by calling Customer Service at 100 from your mobile or dial *515*2# > Activate Intl Roaming.

2 How do I manually select a network from my mobile device?

To manually select a network, please follow the steps below.

For iPhone
Step 1: Tap Settings
Step 2: In Settings, Tap Carrier
Step 3: In Carrier, Select the network you wish to connect to.

For Android
Step 1: Tap Menu
Step 2: Tap Settings
Step 3: Tap on Wireless & Network
Step 4: Tap on Mobile Network
Step 5: Tap on Network Operator

For Blackberry
Step 1: Go to home screen
Step 2: Select Mobile Network Operator
Step 3: Change Network selection Mode to Manuel

Tigo Business

Tigo Business

1 What is Tigo Business?

Tigo Business enables businesses across diverse segments in boosting their efficiency, while controlling cost, and empowering them to consolidate their market position.

2 What documents do I need to sign up for Tigo Business?

Tigo Business requirements are to provide the following documentation:
* Certificate Of Incorporation
* Certificate of Commerce
* Bank Statement (recent 3 months on Active Account)
* Refundable Security Deposit
* Request Letter
* Direct Debit

Tigo Business requirements for Individuals with Device Package will have to provide the following documentation:
* Valid National Identification Card
* Refundable Security Deposit
* Bank Statement (Active Account)
* Direct Debit

3 I would like to get more information about the products, how can I get that?

Our products are categorized into connectivity solutions, voice solutions, Advance Solutions and Cloud Solutions. For more information visit

4 How do I sign up for a business product?

Email us via locate the Tigo Business Office at Osu Oxford Street, Opposite Osu Shopping Mall

5 How do I get in contact with customer service for business?

Please call 0577555000 or email us via

6 How do I get my Monthly Package changed?

A quick e-mail to will ensure the plan change takes effect 1st day of the following month.

7 I do not receive my monthly invoices?

Send a request to or Call / WhatsApp 0577555000 to confirm your e-mail address and then Tigo Business team will send you the current invoice.

8 I am a small business owner with 2 employees, can I enjoy postpaid?

Yes, kindly drop us your contact or e-mail via or call/WhatsApp 0577555000 and Tigo Business will contact with customized solutions.

9 I don’t understand the monthly invoices sent to me

Click on this link to see a bill layout that explains your monthly invoice

10 I worked for a company and was given a number to use, whilst leaving the place can I still use the same number?

The number was duly registered by your former company and so a letter from your former employer can allow you to use it.

Register A Sim Card

Register A Sim Card

1 Register A Sim Card

A government directive now requires that ALL phone numbers MUST be registered by 31st December 2012. This includes lines belonging to children under the age of 18 and SIM cards used in modems or any other data devices such as iPads, iPhones and Tablets.

There is a need for every subscriber to register their SIM cards. SIM card registration is important as it will help reduce SIM related crimes which include hate messages, kidnappings, fraud in mobile money and many others.

2 Customer SIM Card Life Cycle

A subscriber in active state will move to suspend state in 90 days without any recharge activity.
A subscriber in suspend state will move to disable state in 360 days without any recharge activity. (NB: Subs in suspend can only receive incoming calls but cannot initiate any outgoing calls).
A subscriber in disable state will move to pool in 90 days without any recharge activity. (NB: Subs in disable state cannot receive any incoming calls or initiate any outgoing calls).
A subscriber in pool state will be deleted from the System. (NB: Subs deleted from the network will lose the number and may be only retrieved upon recreation from the Customer care center).

Mobile Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability

1 What is Mobile Number Portability (MNP)?

The process by which a mobile number, as designated by NCA, may be transferred by a Subscriber to an account at a different service provider

2 Who can port

You are eligible to make a porting request if:
• You have an active sim card which is at least 30 days old from the day of new activation or the last port date.
• Your number is not disconnected.
• Your number is registered.
• Your number has not been reported in any instance of fraud.
• There is no outstanding bill ( if you are a post paid user) from the donor operator
• Your number is not blocked.
• Your phone is not stolen.

3 How do I port my number?

• Visit a Tigo customer service centre or authorized agent near you to request for number porting.
• You need to show a valid proof of Identity; either a passport, Voter’s Identity card, Driver’s License, National Health Insurance Identity card or National identification Authority Identity card.
• Fill in a Tigo porting request form.
• You will be issued with a new SIM card that has your existing number.
• Tigo will inform you that you have successfully ported when the new SIM is activated.

4 Are there any restrictions on MNP?

Consumers will have to remain with new operator for at least 30 days before moving on to a new operator.

5 How much is it going to cost me?

Because Tigo is going to bear the cost when you port your number, there will be no cost for you.

6 How will I benefit from MNP?

You are free to move to Tigo without having to change to a new number. Your family, friends and business associates can reach you on your existing number.

7 What is a Donor operator?

Your current mobile service provider (MSP) from which you want to switch your number will be the donor operator.

8 What is a Recipient operator?

If you switch to Tigo, your mobile service provider (MSP) will become Tigo while you keep your current number.

9 What is an original range holder?

Tigo is a range holder, which has originally been allotted the mobile number pre-fix 027XXXXXXX and 057XXXXXXX numbering range from the National Communications Authority (NCA).

10 I have a Postpaid number; will I be able to port in as a Prepaid subscriber to Tigo?

Yes, you can port your Postpaid number to Tigo as a Prepaid subscriber.

11 How long will porting take once I submit my request to Tigo?

The whole process will last up to 24 hours from the initiation of the process.

12 Will my prepaid balance carry forward?

No, any prepaid balance would not be transferred to Tigo.

13 Will my old SIM work?

Tigo will issue you a new SIM card with your old number.

14 Can a block of corporate numbers be ported out?

Yes, as long as the company’s employee submits an approval from the authorized signatory to Tigo and it is also

subject to meeting the porting criteria for the entire account.

15 Can I withdraw or cancel my porting application after I have submitted it?

Yes, you can withdraw your porting request anytime before your number is terminated from the donor network.

Tigo Cash

Tigo Cash

1 What is Tigo Cash?

Tigo Cash is an easy, affordable, fast, secure and way of transferring money using a mobile phone or through an agent. The service is offered by Tigo in partnership with selected banks and moderated by the Bank of Ghana.

2 Can I close my Tigo Cash wallet (account)?

Yes. We will close your account on receiving a request from you.

3 What is Tigo Cash Wallet?

It is a secure and confidential account created on the SIM card upon registration, to store your cash safely for all your transactions.

4 What can I use Tigo Cash for?

Tigo Cash can be used to send and receive money, top up Tigo airtime for self and others, save money (Susu), pay insurance premiums as well as pay for goods and services.

5 Do I need to have a bank account to use Tigo Cash?

No. Tigo Cash is available for anyone, no bank account or process is required

6 Who can use the Tigo Cash Service?

The Tigo Cash service is available to all Tigo customers. Non Tigo cash users can also send money at any Tigo Cash agent or receive money

7 How do I register for Tigo Cash?

You need to visit any Tigo customer Service Centre or retail agent with a valid Photo ID. You will need to provide details including:
• Name (Full)
• Date of Birth
• Residential Address
• Valid photo ID (Voter ID, Passport, Drivers License, National ID, NHIS)
• Tigo phone number
• Next of Kin details

8 How long does it take to transact on Tigo Cash?

5 minutes or less is all you need to do a transaction

9 How do I load money into my Tigo Cash Wallet?

Visit any Tigo customer service center or Tigo Cash agent, hand over the desired amount to the agent with your phone number and receive within second the equivalent amount on your phone.

10 Is the Tigo Cash Wallet PIN the same as my SIM card PIN?

No. The Tigo Cash PIN is selected during registration and protects your wallet from external transactions.

11 Can I deposit cash in my Tigo Cash wallet using Tigo scratch cards?

No. You can make deposits into your Tigo Cash wallet through a Tigo Cash agent

12 Do I need to have a minimum balance in my Tigo Cash wallet?

No. You can maintain any amount (Minimum) in your Tigo Cash account

13 Are there any service charges to maintain my Tigo Cash wallet?

No. Tigo Cash only charges for selected transactions you perform.

14 Can I use Tigo Cash to pay for my utility bills like electricity bills?

No. This service is currently unavailable.

15 Are there any transaction limits on the Tigo Cash wallet?

Yes. The Daily transaction limit is GHC 2000.

16 What is a coupon transfer?

This is a 12-digit code generated to a non registered Tigo cash subscriber in order to withdraw cash.

17 Do all mobile phones support Tigo Cash?

Yes. Tigo Cash is a SIM operated service and will work in any handset that functions with a SIM card

18 Can I get a loan on my Tigo Cash wallet?

No. Tigo Cash does not offer loans or any amount above or below your available balance

19 Can I use my Tigo Cash wallet as collateral for borrowing money in a bank?


20 How do I keep my Tigo Cash Wallet secure?

You need to keep your Tigo Cash PIN from others. In case you need assistance from any other person, please ensure to enter the PIN yourself to prevent others from getting to know it. There is the option to reset your Tigo Cash PIN when you realize the safety of the PIN has been compromised.

21 How do I check my Balance?

1. Dial *110#
2. Select option 5 (My account)
3. Then select option 1 (Check balance)
4. Enter your Pin
5. You will receive a message showing your current and Available Balance.

22 What do I do if I forget my Tigo Cash PIN?

Contact the Tigo Cash Call Center on 100 for assistance.

23 Is a fee charged for saving on Tigo Cash?

No. Fees are not charged for saving on Tigo Cash

24 What happens to the cash in my wallet if I become deceased?

The next of kin stated at the time of registration will be contacted (after verification) and money transferred

25 Is my money safe?

Yes. Your money is protected in your Tigo Cash wallet which requires your 4-digit PIN selected at registration.

26 What happens if my phone/SIM is lost or stolen?

Your money is safe. Your Tigo Cash wallet is protected by your Tigo Cash PIN. You should call the Tigo Cash Call Centre on 100 to have your account blocked. After replacing your SIM, you can unblock your

27 How much does it Cost to send or receive cash?

Tigo Cash offers the lowest charges for transactions, please visit the Tigo Cash website for more information on the tariffs (

28 Can I send money to someone who is on a different network?

Yes. You can send money from your Tigo Cash wallet on your phone to anyone on any network in Ghana. The receiver gets a 12-digit code with which to withdraw cash at no cost

29 Does the receiver on another network pay withdrawal charges?

No. When you send money to a non Tigo user, the receiver pays no withdrawal fee. It is FREE

30 Can I do Tigo Cash transfers on the internet?

Yes. However, this service is currently available to retail agents, companies and corporate entities only.

31 Can I transfer money from my bank account to my Tigo Cash Money wallet?

No. This service is currently unavailable

32 Can I transfer money out of my Tigo Cash wallet to my bank account?

No. This service is currently unavailable

33 Can I use the service to buy airtime for my friends and relatives?

Yes. You can buy airtime and internet bundles for friends and family anytime.

34 Do I have a specific time I can top up through Tigo Cash?

No. Tigo Cash allows you to top up anytime and anywhere with the available cash balance in your wallet

Process Of Complaint Handling

Process Of Complaint Handling

1 Our promise

We believe our customers are the reason why we exist. They deserve outstanding service that actually meets their needs. In view of this we welcome customer complaints and enquiries and observe the following commitments:

1. We will welcome you warmly and treat you with respect
2. We will listen to you attentively
3. We will understand your request
4. We will provide you with accurate information
5. We will own your request until it is resolved to your satisfaction
6. We will be honest and transparent
7. We will not hold back an apology when due
8. We will be quick to appreciate you for your custom

2 Purpose

The purpose of the complaints handling procedure is to:

1. Ensure that complaints made are dealt with consistently and fairly and in a professional manner
2. Ensure that complaints are recorded centrally and that the information is used to track performance and to improve services.
3. Reassure customers of our willingness and readiness to assist in service delivery in any way possible.

3 What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about an action or lack of action regarding our standard of service.

Customers are not charged for making a complaint and we do not charge customers for work done to resolve complaints.

4 How do I make a complaint?

Customers get in touch with us in the following ways:

1. By dialling  into our Call Centre on the short code 100, from a Tigo line
2. By dialling  into our Call Centre on the number 027 755 1000, from all other lines apart from Tigo lines.
3. By e-mail to 
4. By leaving a message on our Facebook and Twitter platforms
5. By visiting any of our Stores located in all regions of the country

Details require in handling complaints include;

1. Name of customer
2. Number and alternative number(if applicable)
3. Location
4. Incident: Nature of the complaint, Time of Complaint and any other information that will aid in resolution.

5 How will my complaint be handled?

The complaint handling procedure for Tigo is as follows:

1. Customer Service Advisors in our stores or through our contact centre receive and record the details of customer complaints.
2. In most cases, a resolution is given immediately to the customer.
3. Where a resolution is not immediately available, our internal escalation process ensures that customers are given feedback on progress within the 15 minutes and not later than an hour after complaining.
4. We aim at providing a full resolution within 24 hours for all complaints that are not immediately resolved.
5. All unresolved complaints of the same type affecting more than 5 customers within a 30 minute period trigger an emergency procedure which ensures prompt and urgent resolution.

6 Our Guarantee

In line with our commitment to transparency, customers may be entitled to compensation under our compensation policy.