Prepaid Roaming

Tigo Prepaid Roaming keeps you connected at all times wherever you go.

 How to activate Prepaid Roaming?

  • To activate dial *515#
  • Select Prepaid Roaming
  • Select 'Activate' to enable the service before you travel.
  • To deactivate, follow the same procedure and choose 'Deactivate'

Making/Receiving calls while roaming

  • To make calls while roaming, simply dial the country code, attach the area code/prefix followed by the number. Example: To call a Ghanaian number, dial +233 27 1234123 and for an American number, dial +1 277 1234123.
  • To send SMS, simply type your message and send to the receivers' number dialed out in the same format explained above.
  • Calls received on Roaming are susceptible to mobile network charges,

GPRS Roaming?

Watch out for the best Prepaid GPRS Roaming with Tigo.