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Stay connected with your friends and family when you go overseas with our roaming services in over 150 countries.

Enjoy a seamless and hassle-free transition of our voice and SMS services at the most affordable rates.

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  • Charges

There’s no charge for receiving an SMS

When roaming, you are charged for receiving calls.

If you have apps on your phone, some of them may connect to the internet to update or get information even when they’re not being used. Switch your data roaming off to make sure you don’t get charged when you are not using the internet

  • Monthly Invoices/ Bills

We will always attempt to include your roaming call charges on your next available bill to help you keep track of your cost. However, there might be a delay in the details of calls made from the foreign networks you have roaming, and this may cause issues with timely billing.

  • Accidental roaming and how to prevent it

Accidental roaming might occur if you are in an area close to national borders; because your phone picks up the network across the border. If this happens, you may be charged as though you were roaming on the network across the border.

If you live near a border, you can avoid this by setting your handset to do a manual network selection (as opposed to an automatic network selection) and select the Tigo network. This way if you lose the Tigo network, your handset will not automatically try to connect you to an alternate network.