Smartphones (ITEL 1508 and FERO A5001)

  • Customer must send Keyword “OK” to short code 454 to receive package.
  • Customer receives free 3GB data in the first month and free 1GB data every month for 6 months. This free data is valid for 30 days.
  • The free 1GB data received each month can only be used for Whatsapp and Youtube and is valid for 30 days but the duration of the offer is 6 months. 
  • The duration for this offer is 6 months. This means that the customer will not receive the 1GB data for whatsapp and youtube after the sixth month from the date of activation.
  • Customer will receive the free 1GB data for whatsapp and youtube at the beginning of every month after cumulative reloads of at least 5 Ghc airtime in the previous month. 
  • All Unused Data will NOT rolled over to the next month. 
  • Customer can be on any service plan except Tribe and Big Six to enjoy this offer.
  • Customer will be charged based on the activated service plan if he or she exhausts the free data.
  • Customer on Tigo Big Six and Tigo Tribe will lose all privileges and will be moved to Default Bundle upon activation of the offer.
  • Customer can enjoy all other activities on the network at their prevailing charges.


Millicom Ghana is in partnership with authorized manufactures of Fero and Itel smartphones for this campaign. 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty exists for all devices named in this campaign. Any repair or replacement of devices will be as per OEM applicable warranty policies, however any harm to the device that is found not to be from the manufacturer namely, 

  • cracked screen
  • exposure to fluids
  • Physical damage to battery, will out rightly not qualify for a warranty.