• The promotion is organized by Millicom Ghana Limited (operating as Tigo Ghana) and is open to both existing and new Tigo prepaid subscribers. The promo is valid for 90 days from 3rd August 2016. To participate and win prizes, customers are required to reload credit from a Tigo scratchcard. There are no additional fees aside the amount the customer pays for the scratchcard. 

• To claim prizes, the winner must be the owner of the SIM card on which the credit reload was made, i.e. the SIM must be validly registered in the subscriber’s name as represented on a valid ID. All cash prizes (except the Bingo prize) will be paid via Tigo Cash. 

• All individuals professionally connected with Tigo (including contractors, and owners and employees of registered vendors of Tigo) are not eligible to claim prizes in this promotion. 



• To redeem a prize, the airtime must be loaded to the subscriber's SIM. Each scratchcard will bear one of the following items:

a) An image of a member of the Big Six and their name.                     

b) An amount indicating a cash prize.

c) A Souvenir or                                                                                            

d) Airtime.

• To win the BINGO prize of GHC 100,000, you must find all 6 scratch cards bearing the individual images of members of the Big Six.

• The promotion is valid for GHC 2, GHC 5, GHC 10 and GHC 20 scratch card denominations. Reloads via Tigo Cash will receive surprise prizes. 

• Airtime and cash rewards shall be credited directly into the wallets of the NUMBER that reloaded the scratchcard. Souvenirs and Bingo prizes are only redeemable in person and at designated points by presenting the used scratchcards and a valid ID. 

• To access the bingo prize the customer presenting the winning scratch cards must have reloaded at least one of the cards to his or her number.

Note that, in the instance where the customer did not reload all six cards, the consent of the subscriber(s) who reloaded the remaining card(s) will be sought before the Bingo Prize reward would be offered to the winner. In the event of a negative response (if any of the cards was stolen, forcibly taken from the reloading sub, etc), the Bingo Prize reward will not be given to the person presenting all 6 cards.



• Scratch the silver panel to reveal the 16-digit pin and a prize. Enter the pin using the procedure to reload airtime and receive your prize instantly or present the used scratchcard at the designated rewards point to redeem your souvenir or Bingo prize. In instances where the subscriber does not receive their prize instantly, they can contact the call center and provide the agent with the serial number of the card bearing the reward or visit the nearest customer service center. 

• Cash winners who are registered users of Tigo Cash, could use their e-money for airtime purchases, withdraw physical cash via an agent, transfer to another Tigo Customer or use it directly to pay for goods and services that accept Tigo Cash payments. However, cash prize winners who are not registered on Tigo Cash will receive the e-money in a suspense account. These subscribers must register on Tigo Cash with a valid ID card before they can access the cash. Note that all electronic monies paid into a suspense account shall expire after 30 days if not redeemed by the winner, the customer however has up to a year (counting from promo start date) to claim his winnings or forfeit it.

• Tigo Cash withdrawal charges will apply to all transactions 


Tigo reserves the right to

• Disqualify any customer if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the customer has breached any provision of the T&Cs or mechanics of the promotion. Disqualify a winner when it is proven that the winner used any fraudulent means to participate in the Promotion. Tigo employees and their immediate families (including spouses, parents, children and siblings) are NOT eligible to claim prizes in this promotion. 

• Use any winner or any of their data including names, photos and video images to endorse the promotion via TV, radio, online or social media with no prior notice to the customer and at no fee to Tigo. Tigo reserves the right to terminate, suspend, cancel or amend the promotion and these T&Cs at any time. Any changes will be posted online and shall be binding on a customer. 

• Suspend the campaign temporarily or permanently for legal regulatory and for operational reasons whenever it is deemed necessary. However, Tigo shall not be liable for any claims, losses or injuries whatsoever the Customer may suffer as a result any such suspension. Tigo makes no warranty, implied or expressed, that any part of the promotion will be uninterrupted and error-free. Note that Tigo reserves the right to alter the promo mechanics where necessary with notification to the public. 

• Selected winners need to be validated by the appropriate unit designated for such purposes including Revenue Assurance before a reward is offered to customers. Brand and look of prizes might differ from what has been advertised in all communication materials and on recharge cards. In order to be classified as a winner, the subscriber must be active on the network. 

• Interpretation of this ‘T&Cs' and any of the promotion mechanics is subject to Tigo Ghana's definition and cannot be challenged. In the event of a dispute regarding the interpretation of the T&Cs, conduct, results, and all other matters relating to this promotion, the decision of Tigo shall be final and without appeal. These T&Cs will remain in full force and effect while the promotion lasts. These T&Cs shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ghana.

• The above provisions define the terms and conditions (‘T&Cs') governing the promotion. By accessing and using the mechanics and prizes provided in this promotion, the customer shall be deemed to have consented and agreed to these T&Cs and be bound accordingly.

• All inquiries, further clarification and information about this promotion must only be channeled via our call center line on 100 or through our Customer Service Centers.


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